Solar Panel Cleaning in Denver

If your home or business in the Denver metro area relies on solar panels for energy, it is important to have them cleaned to maximize their optimal efficiency. Professional solar panel cleaning is a mainstay of any solar panel maintenance and scheduling annual professional solar panel cleaning should be on your calendar. At Platinum Window Cleaning and Pressure Washing, our professional technicians have the right equipment to have the panels cleaned to remove any debris or smudges that may have gathered. Information about Commercial Exterior Cleaning in Denver

 Once your panels are installed and exposed to the elements in the environment, they begin to depreciate in value. They are exposed to the elements in the environment 24/7, which can include bird droppings, dirt, dust, grime build-up, and other pollution. The average output is affected when solar panels are marred in any fashion, reducing your energy-efficiency. Once cleaned, panels cool down, allowing light into the solar cells and operate more effectively.

Platinum Window Cleaning and Pressure Washing also cleans ground-mounted solar panels, which tend to need regular cleaning more often because of their size. 

 Our professional solar panel cleaning team is trained to apply solar cleaning to each panel to remove any obstructions to the panel’s performance. Platinum’s deep cleaning services are applied to cleaning and maintaining your home or business’ solar panels.

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You should not rely on rainwater to provide effective solar panel cleaning in Denver. Think about your car’s windshield or your house’s windows. If not cleaned regularly, they become less transparent over time. Air also contains particles such as dirt and dust that can accumulate on your panels. So, when thinking about your solar panels, remember that they are exposed to the same elements as your windshield and windows, and equally require cleaning to keep them in optimum condition.

It’s important to note that some solar panel manufacturers may have solar panel cleaning as a condition of their warranty. If a problem arises and you don’t have proof of regular solar panel cleaning in Denver, you may run the risk of not being covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Our team of professionals are here to provide solar panel cleaning services in Denver to your home or business. 

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